BEL-FORD Sept Slosh on Sept. 12

ROCKFORD — This is the slosh for the Bel-Ford Group. Please visit Bel-Ford Slosh Group for information and rules of our group. (

We have the first floor and the outside patio area. There is a cage in the room we will be in. This event is not being held in a private room, so if you have any concerns of being outed or are offended by people in Fetish attire, BDSM toys, people very open about their lifestyle, etc., then this may not be the slosh for you.

We are a growing, friendly, open group. We are a great mix of people and overall very accepting. We love meeting new faces – but everyone has to make their own judgement call if this is an event for them. This event is held in a bar. As such, you must be 21+ to attend. It’s not our rule, it’s state law!

September is National Chicken Month and the 12th is chocolate milk shake day. Odd, I know.

We have a free raffle for everyone who attends, typically every slosh. If anyone would like to donate an item please see DiabloBeige or SimplyGirl when you arrive. Items donated have ranged from collars and crops to candy and wine. Items don’t have to be ‘kinky’ to be donated. We’ve even had an inflatable sheep. The drawing is usually around 8:30pm or so (about midway through the slosh).

There are two parking lots we can use, one is across the street with the entrance off third street, the other is the city parking area about 1.5 blocks away. Both are free.

This is a bar; they serve no food. However you can order carry out and either pick it up or have it delivered. Vintage, Deli Italia, Bamboo are in the immediate area.

Event link

Monday, September 12, 2016 · 7:00 PM –10:00 PM
The Office
513 E. State Street, Rockford Illinois @ map
Cost: Free to attend, pay for your own drinks
Dress code: Whatever you are comfy in, fetish wear more than welcome!

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