Booo Yeah October Meet and Greet, Oct. 28

BLOOMINGTON — Join us on Saturday, October 28th at 3:30 for the M & G at Kobe Steakhouse (401 N Veterans Parkway Bloomington, IL) in the banquet room.

The topic is “I Ain’t Skeered (but maybe I should be).

We tried to prepare ourselves for all this culture had to offer. We read, observed, practiced in the privacy of our bedroom but then it happened. We went to our first party and some of the play they did scared the shit out of us! We vowed we wouldn’t go back … until the next month came along.

There is also a more personal fear that has been known to creep up. An internal uneasiness or even terror when it comes to what we are capable of engaging in. I like to play with littles. Does that make me a a bad person? I like to lay on the ground and be used as an ottoman. Does that mean I have no self worth? I like to beat or be beat. Am I a sadist or masochist?

Let’s talk about how fear has guided our journey and how we’ve overcome enough of it to still be here today. Sharing your techniques may help the next person overcome their fears and have a more fulfilling journey.

The Bloomington Illinois Monthly Public Meet n Greet Gathering created by Mr. Beck and PlaySmart (also sometimes called a “munch”) has two purposes, in order of importance:

– Be as safe a place as possible for for people who are new to kink, new to a kinky lifestyle, new to kinky gatherings, and/or new to Central IL – for those people to meet other kinksters and get questions answered.

– Be a fun, public, social gathering for the kinky people in the Central IL area.

Please read the sticky posts if you have questions about the event. If you have questions not answered in the stickies, post em here!

See you on the 28th!

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