Chicago Community Chats starts with Kink Fundamentals on Jan. 27

CHICAGO — A new kink community discussion group is having a meeting on Jan. 27 at the Merlo Branch Library in Chicago.

From their Fetlife post:

If you’re just starting out in kink, new to the public community, coming back after a hiatus, or just curious about how any of this stuff works, this is a chance to ask questions, get some tips and learn the lay of the land.

Our facilitators, @DeviWolf, @The_Duckie and @BobbyTables, have been kinking around the Chicago community for about two years each. We will talk about basic safety in BDSM, how consent and negotiation work, what to expect at a munch and a public dungeon, what some of those pesky roles and acronyms mean, and more.

But more than that, we want to hear your questions! Everyone has a unique journey that brings them here and a unique journey they want to take. No question is too big or too small — and sometimes the “dumb questions” have the most surprising answers! In this roundtable discussion, people of all kink experience levels are welcome. Everyone has something to teach, and everyone has something to learn.

Location and Time
We will be in the large meeting room at the Merlo Branch of the Chicago Public Library. Discussion will begin at 2PM and wrap up at 4PM. Please be mindful and respectful of library staff and patrons as you enter and leave the library.

The library is on Belmont Ave between Halsted and Broadway, in the Lakeview/Boystown neighborhood.

Ground Rules
Our goal is an open, free flowing, laid back conversation where everyone is engaged and learning something.

We strive to create an open, safer space that fosters learning. Please be respectful, understanding and allow everyone a voice in the discussion.

Please respect the facilitators’ role in giving everyone who wants to speak the chance to do so. Over the course of the discussion it’s possible something may make you uncomfortable, or you may need to gather your thoughts, or you may just need to go to the bathroom and check your phone. Anyone may leave the room, and come back, at any time and for any reason during the discussion without judgement. This is an event for talking and learning about kink, not doing it.

Absolutely no nudity, kink or sex play will be allowed. But we’ll be happy to tell you about events where it’s allowed and encouraged!

This is not a social event or dating mixer either. It is not a place for kinky flirting or picking up partners. Again, we’ll happily tell you about regular social events for kinky folk in and around the city. We’ll touch on all sorts of adult topics during the roundtable, but outside the meeting room please respect the other library patrons and staff, and be mindful of your conversation topics and voice volume. Please do not hug or touch anyone without first getting clear verbal consent to do so.

This is a private and confidential discussion. Kink is deeply personal, and we want to empower people to share as much or as little as they feel comfortable in this space. Please share your experiences, but without names or personal details. Afterwards, feel free to share what you’ve learned, but without sharing the identity or personal details of other participants. No photos, videos, or voice recordings are permitted. Written notes are fine.

Because we’re here to have a conversation, please keep cell phone use to a minimum during the round table, and step outside the room if you need to take a call or engage in a text conversation.

Chicago Community Chats (C3) is a community-centric group that hosts monthly discussion events. Our mission is to create a space for open discussion and mutual learning, to actively foster a community and culture based in kink-positivity, sex-positivity, consent, inclusion and exploration.

You can RSVP at

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