Chicago People of Color Munch, Aug. 30

CHICAGO — This munch is for people of color and their play partners that are monogamous, poly, swingers, couples, singles, open relationships or kinky.

Our goals are: to connect with people of color to discuss swinging, BDSM, kink, polyamory and other alternative lifestyles in the Chicagoland area; and to connect them with the broader community, regionally and nationally. This munch will engage you and allow you to discuss, share and make friends with like-minded people with similar backgrounds. Perhaps you are curious, just experimenting or looking to broaden your activities and knowledge base. Come join us for good Mexican food and drinks. Exchange conversation among people with less than a year of experience to more than 20 years of experience in their respective lifestyles.

All ages are welcome(18-99). We offer a safe, nonjudgmental environment that is open to all orientations and/or kinks.

Lalo’s (Look for the Happy Birthday balloon. That’s us!)
733 W. Maxwell, (Maxwell & Halsted)

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