Chicago Rope holding good-bye party at GD2, Jan. 14

CHICAGO — Chicago-area bondage education group Chicago Rope is moving on from Galleria Domain 2, but saying good-bye with a party.

From Chicago Rope:

After over two years of working together, our partnership with GD2 is coming to an end. We owe GD2 a huge debt of gratitude for their support. Without them, Chicago Rope would not exist. We appreciate Jerith and Wilson’s depth of knowledge and experience as kink educators and organizers and the perspectives they have shared with us over the time that we have worked with them.

As Chicago Rope has grown and found our own voice, our goals as an organization began to diverge from those of GD2. GD2 is a membership-based BDSM club. The space they provide to engage in nearly all manner of kinky and sexual play in a safe and private environment is enormously valuable to the community. While GD2 is also a great supporter of kink education in Chicago, the legal structures under which they must operate in order to allow the things they allow also come with some restrictions on how they can operate and partner with other organizations.

Ultimately, we were faced with the choice of compromising how we want to offer rope education to the Chicago and wider communities or working with other venues that allow us the freedom to present rope education the way we envision it. We felt that the best option for us and the community we serve (which overlaps with but extends beyond GD2’s membership) was to work with other venues and organizations.

Before we move our monthly event to a new space, we are going to have one final event at GD2 as a goodbye celebration. This special event will feature one of Chicago’s most beloved presenters and a long-time friend of both GD2 and Chicago Rope, Monkey, who will be teaching one of his favorite class of ties, the Armbinder. He’ll be presenting alongside our Rope Bottom’s Roundtable facilitator MedullaOblongata.

Since this is our last event at GD2, there will be no fundamentals class this month. Our fundamentals series will resume soon with a revamped curriculum at our new space. For this event, Chicago Rope co-founder Kedi will present The Knot Free Zone, a new class that’s all about how to play with rope without using any knots.

In lieu of our Rope Bottom’s Roundtable, which will become part of an all-new event that we will be announcing shortly, during the social hour we will have an open roundtable discussion reflecting on what we have all learned and how our community has changed over the past 2.5 years. After the classes, please join us for a Thank You GD2! party with cake and floats.

You can RSVP to this event on the FL event page, or get more information on our website.

We’re excited about the future of Chicago Rope, and we’re looking forward to continuing to grow and evolve in 2018. If you’d like to find out more about future Chicago Rope events in other spaces, please join our FetLife group or our mailing list.

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