CUFF’s April Slosh, April 15

URBANA — It’s that time of the month again everyone! It’s time for the first slosh of the spring. Hopefully that means warmer weather this month! I missed out on all the fun you guys had last month and can’t wait to see you all again. Take this one night to come on out and hang out with some great people! See you there!

Please RSVP to this event so we have an idea on how many to expect!

Tin Roof has yummy bar food for affordable prices. Their appetizers are big so grab a buddy to share. There are $5 pitchers of domestic beer and $2.50 shots of fireball specials. The burgers are fantastic as well. They are very good to us while we are there, so please make sure to tip them well!

We will be there from 6 to 10, however, we have those who arrive later and stay past the end time. Don’t be shy if you don’t arrive right on time. There will be a table inside with name tags. Grab one so we know you are there for the slosh and can welcome you and introduce you around.

As a reminder every month, we do promote drinking responsibly though. If you plan on drinking make sure you have a DD. We can try and find you a ride or will be more than happy to call you a cab if need be.

Take advantage of the sticky on the CUFF’s group page for carpooling too! We have put this sticky there for a reason, and a few members have showed concern that it wasn’t too active. Please! If you need a ride or are willing to give a ride, post there so that we can make sure anyone who would like to make it is able.

For all the newer faces, feel free to reach out to any of the CUFF’s leaders if you have any questions. We love having new faces and the slosh is a great way to meet people!

Fetlife event page:

Date & Time: Saturday, April 15, 2017 · 6:00 PM –10:00 PM  
Tin Roof Tavern

604 N. Cunningham Ave, Urbana, IL   @ map

Cost: Free at door, tab is your own
Dress code: Vanilla bar wear


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