Game Night at LRA is back

LRA-ChicagoCHICAGO — All you game lovers out there come on out to LRA on August 25th, Friday night at 8:30 pm with your game faces on!

This is going to be a great opportunity for meeting new friends, getting to know fellow kinksters, and lots of laughs. Some group games will involve some mild nudity and mild spanking/impact play – and if you only want to watch, there is NO participation requirement.

We will also have a stash of card and board games to play if you’re feeling shy! If you would like to bring a favorite board game, please post in the comments below what you plan to bring!

Kinky fun group games for this event will include:

Kink and Greet 4 Corner Sort
Kinky “Human Clay” Charades
Cards Against Humanity Inspired Pictionary
Musical Bottoms (a play on musical chairs)

Non Members MUST RSVP here!

Your $10 Donation to LRA is appreciated!

Game Night begins at 8:30pm. Once it is concluded at 11pm you will be required to exit the premises unless you have purchased a membership. Memberships may not be purchased at the door, but instead must be purchased 48 hours prior to the day you would like to stay for member only play hours.

To purchase your membership, please Click Here


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