Meet and Greet – Back to School Edition in Bloomington, Aug. 26

BLOOMINGTON — Join us on Saturday, August 26th at 3:30 pm for the M & G at Kobe Steakhouse (401 N Veterans Parkway Bloomington, IL) in the banquet room.

The topic is “Communication and Community.”

How do you communicate with friends, family, lovers? Sometimes it’s like we are all speaking a different language. This can cause problems when it feels like we are not being heard. Come share your methods of getting your point across.

Within our community it’s even more important to be able to express ourselves so that our needs are met and we can grow. As we grow stronger as individuals, our community grows stronger.

What are some of the unspoken rules/beliefs that you think are prevalent in our community? It would be great for the different groups in our community to be represented!

The Bloomington Illinois Monthly Public Meet n Greet Gathering created by Mr. Beck and PlaySmart (also sometimes called a “munch”) has two purposes, in order of importance:

Be as safe a place as possible for for people who are new to kink, new to a kinky lifestyle, new to kinky gatherings, and/or new to Central IL – for those people to meet other kinksters and get questions answered.

Be a fun, public, social gathering for the kinky people in the Central Illinois area.

Please read the sticky posts if you have questions about the event.

See you on the 26th!

Event link here.


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