Anime Review: Code Geass

By Phillip PowersReviewer Code Geass is an interesting anime it blends mechs and political intrigue so well. It starts with the empire of Britannia invading Japan using a type of mech called a Knightmare which they had just invented and it uses a precious mineral called sakuradite as its main power source. Japan is the…

Browncat Ball 2012 call for bids!

PLEASE FORWARD AND RE-POST THE FOLLOWING ANNOUNCEMENT About the Browncoat Ball (BCB) The inaugural Browncoat Ball was held in Chicago in 2004, with the goal of establishing an affordable, annual, nonprofit event created for fans by fans, capable of bringing Browncoats from geographically diverse locations from all over the world together to celebrate Firefly, Serenity…

Firefly Rap – It’s Shiny

We promise, we’ll get back to some serious stuff soon. But we had to share. While we love all our geek brothers and sisters, our first love is Joss Whedon’s “Firefly” television show. And this talented actor and musician has given a but more shiny love. Share the joy with friends. by

A Message from Nathan Fillion

Just so you don’t forget we’re just a bit geeky, here is a very important PSA to all gamers from Captain Tightpants (ask a Browncoat for a translation.) A special thanks to for finding this. by

OPINION: Are We Turning into What We Fought

By Jeff Willoughby I remember a time when gays weren’t as elitist as the people who once discriminated against us. I guess we are now truly equal. We have become just as hateful as the people we claim hate us. Many of us have reached the point where we can have great jobs and live…