Presenter Born2FlogU at Riverbound’s June Play Party

RiverboundDAVENPORT — Born2FlogU has been a part of the Chicago kink community for two decades. He has pursued learning a diverse set of skills from whips and his namesake flogging to canes, fire, needles and more. He has had the privilege of presenting classes at Galleria Domain and Black Beat Chicago. He has also served as a representative for Violet Wand Store at various events in the Midwest and enjoys sharing his knowledge and skills to help others play safely while expanding their limits. A sensual sadist, he currently has relocated to Iowa and is immersing himself in his new community.

He will be presenting: Things that go buzz in the night – The joy of Violet Wands

This class will be an interactive session with a hands-on demo at the end. While anything that is powered by a battery on up is considered electrical play, this course will focus on violet wands and their use in BDSM.

Topics covered will include the history of violet wands, safety precautions, differences between traditional and solid state units, various types of electrodes, basic and advanced techniques and applications.

At the end you will have the opportunity to try the violet wand as a giver, receiver or both.

Read the complete story at Great Lakes Den.

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