Riverbound December Munch and Cookie Exchange

QUAD CITIES — The votes are in and the December Munch and Cookie Exchange will be held on Sunday December 11th, starting at noon.

The Munch will be a potluck style, and it would be helpful if you would post what dish you wish to bring, or at least the type of dish. We won’t need many desserts since the cookie exchange will be running at the same time. We also need 1 or 2 people to bring paper plates, plastic forks, knives, spoons, and cups plus water/tea/pop. This would be a good thing for those who don’t have time, desire, or space to cook.

The cookie exchange will be easy to do also. Please bring at least 3 dozen of each cookie/bar you wish to the exchange. One dozen can be for dessert and snacking. The other 2 dozen of each will be for the exchange and a table will be set up for it. Bring a container with you to take your 2 dozen chosen ones home.

Read the full story on Great Lakes Den.

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