Speaking Up, Speaking Out in Power Exchange: Chicago Power Exchange Roundtable

CHICAGO — For the July Chicago Power Exchange Roundtable, we’ll be talking about… talking. Our focus will be on what effect or influence our power exchange roles/identities might have on how we express ourselves in social communication.

If on the bottom side of the slash, do you tend to be more receptive than forward speaking? And is it easier for you to speak out when among peers than in the presence of those on the upper side of the slash?

If you’re on the upper side, do you find yourself dominating conversations? Are you assertive in expressing yourself, and if so, do you associate that with being a top type?

Does it make a difference if you’re in a casual situation? Or in a more formal, organized setting, such as a Roundtable discussion?

Does the specific role you relate with, such as pet or boi or slave or owner or dom or master, etc have an effect that correlates with your degree of ease in communicating?

We’ll be at the Leather Archives & Museum (6418 N Greenview, Chicago IL) on Saturday, July 15th. Group meeting starts at 3:00pm & is free to attend. Discussion ends at 5:00pm. Afterwards, those who wish to can join with us for dinner at a nearby restaurant for some casual socializing and getting to know each other better.

You can RSVP on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1459811380743048.

or on FetLife here: https://fetlife.com/events/563568

The Chicago Power Exchange Roundtable is a discussion & social group for everyone 18 and over who is involved in, exploring, or curious about power exchange relationships. This includes M/s, D/s, Sir/ boy, and Trainer relationships, as well as any other relationships that defy labels but incorporate consensual power exchange. Attendees do not need to be actively in a relationship to attend, and all levels of experience (including none!) are welcome.

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