Ladies Night, Store Signings & New Release List at Graham Crackers


    Graham Cracker Comics

    Honky Tonk Man invades GRAHAM CRACKERS COMICS of Plainfield this Saturday!
    Swing by and meet a wrestling legend!
    LADIES NIGHT begins March 7th at Graham Crackers Comics LOOP with special guest Jo Dery discussing her multiple books and mini-comics!
    Our newest PRINT newsletter is out at the stores – including coupons and more upcoming events!

    We bought a HUGE TOY collection – and all the stores are getting restocked on NEW OLD TOYS (yeah, I know it sounds weird) as well as STATUES and some pretty amazing collectibles that we haven’t seen in the shops for 30 years! 

    Check out these PRISTINE THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS ACTION FIGURES that we got as well!
    It’s a full set of the original SERIES 1 KENNER figures from 1986! While these are expensive, we did get a TON of really affordable ($5-$10) figures for the more budget minded soul, swing by your local Graham Crackers Comics and see what’s in!

    wrestling superstar
    the honky tonk man!
    @ graham crackers comics OF PLAINFIELD
    “He’s got long sideburns and his hair slicked back, he’s coming to your town in a pink Cadillac…” Ok well maybe he is leaving the pink Cadillac in the garage but the Honky Tonk Man is coming to your town! Plainfield IL to be exact and right here at our very own GCC Plainfield location! You can meet the Honky Tonk Man (courtesy of
    Pro Wrestling Blitz) live and in color! So come join us and meet the greatest intercontinental champion of all time, check out all the awesome stuff we have at our Plainfield location and then head out later that night to see Pro Wrestling Blitz’s “Night of Heartache” at St Joseph’s Park, 700 Theodore , Joliet IL 60435.

    Need another reason to make the drive out? At the same time and right next door at the Baseball Card King, Chicago Bears stars Bob Parsons, Ronnie Bull & Allan Ellis will be meeting fans and signing autographs as well!

    C2E2 Tickets on sale at all Graham Crakers Comics locatoins!

    GRAHAM CRACKERS COMICS CHICAGO LOOP (77 E. Madison)there’s a C2E2 SHUTTLE BUS that will
    come by every 1/2 hour and give you a
    FREE RIDEto the show & back to the store!

    Coming from the suburbs?
    C2E2 has provided a shuttle bus pick-up at UNION STATION!
    Take the train then hop on the FREE bus that runs from Union Station directly to the show & back!
    Check out
    for more info!


    Amazing Spider-Man #680
    Astonishing X-Men #47
    Avengers #23
    FF #15
    FF #15 variant cover
    Moon Knight #10
    New Avengers #22
    Six Guns #5
    The Twelve #10
    Ultimate Comics Ultimates #7
    Ultimate Comics Ultimates #7 variant cover
    Ultimate Comics X-Men #8
    Venom #13.4

    Batman Beyond Unlimted #1
    Batman Odyssey volume 2 #5
    Batman Odyssey volume 2 #5 variant cover
    DC Universe Online Legends #24
    Gears of War #22
    Justice League #4 volume 4 second print
    Justice League #6 volume 4
    Justice League #6 volume 4 variant cover
    Justice League #6 volume 4 black & white variant coverLegion Secret Origin #5
    Shade #5
    Shade #5 variant cover
    Thunder Agents #4 volume 4
    Uncharted #4

    Scalped #56
    Spaceman #4
    Unwritten #34.5

    Angel and Faith #7 isaacs cover
    Angel and Faith #7 morris cover
    Bettie Page in Danger #2
    Bionic Man #7
    Bionic Man #7 1:10 cover
    Bionic Man #7 virgin cover
    Darkness #100 cover a
    Darkness #100 cover b
    Darkness #100 cover c
    Darkness #100 cover d
    Darkness #100 cover e
    Extinction Seed #1 incentive cover
    Fatale #1 third print
    Fatale #2 second print
    Game of Thrones #6
    Game of Thrones #6 black & white cover
    Game of Thrones #6 virgin cover
    GI Joe 2 Movie Prequel #2
    GI Joe 2 Movie Prequel #2 variant cover
    GI Joe A Real American Hero Annual #1 cover a
    GI Joe A Real American Hero Annual #1 cover b
    GI Joe A Real American Hero Annual #1 variant cover
    Green Hornet #22 denham cover
    Green Hornet #22 hester cover
    Green Hornet #22 lau cover
    Green Wake #10
    Grimm Fairy Tales Myths & Legends #13 cover a
    Grimm Fairy Tales Myths & Legends #13 cover b
    Hack Slash ongoing #13 cover a
    Hack Slash ongoing #13 cover b
    Hellraiser #11 cover a
    Hellraiser #11 cover b
    Hellraiser #11 incentive cover
    Infestation 2 Dungeons and Dragons #1 1:25 cover
    Infestation 2 Team Up #1 cover a
    Infestation 2 Team Up #1 cover b
    Infestation 2 Team Up #1 1:25 cover
    Invincible #89
    Joe Hills the Cape vol 2 #4 cover a
    Joe Hills the Cape vol 2 #4 cover b
    Joe Hills the Cape vol 2 #4 variant cover
    King Conan Phoenix on the Sword #2
    Kirby Genesis Dragonsbane #2
    Kirby Genesis Dragonsbane #2 negative cover
    Lady Death #11 auxiliary edition
    Last Phantom #12
    Lord of the Jungle #2 francavilla cover
    Lord of the Jungle #2 parillo cover
    Lord of the Jungle #2 renaud cover
    Lord of the Jungle #2 renaud virgin cover
    Lord of the Jungle #2 francavilla virgin cover
    Lord of the Jungle #2 jungle green coverLord of the Jungle #2 parillo virgin coverMagic the Gathering #2
    Magic the Gathering #2 variant cover
    Netherworld #4
    Orc Stain #7
    Phazer #2
    Pigs #6
    Robocop Road Trip #3
    Star Trek Ongoing #6
    Star Trek Ongoing #6 photo 1:10 cover
    Star Trek Ongoing #6 sketch 1:20 cover
    Steed and Mrs Peel #2
    Steed and Mrs Peel #2 variant cover
    Stitched #2 auxiliary
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Micro Series #3 donatello cover a
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Micro Series #3 donatello cover b
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Micro Series #3 donatelo retro cover
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Micro Series #3 black & white coverThe Immortal Demon in the Blood #3
    Transformers More Than Meets the Eye #1 second print
    Transformers Robots in Disguise #1 second print
    Usagi Yojimbo #144
    Vescell #6
    Voltron #3 volume 5 chen cover
    Voltron #3 volume 5 ross cover
    Voltron #3 volume 5 red cover
    Voltron #3 volume 5 virgin cover
    Walking Dead #94
    Wulf #5
    Xenoholics #5

    Avengers Big Three TPB
    Carnage Family Feud TPB
    Empowered Deluxe Edition HC volume 01
    Fear Itself Black Panther Man without Fear Premiere HC
    FF by Jonathan Hickman TPB volume 01
    Gantz TPB volume 21
    Gate 7 TPB volume 02
    Invincible Iron Man TPB volume 08 Unfixable
    Justice League of America Archives HC volume 10
    Ka-Zar by Mark Waid and Andy Kubert TPB volume 02
    Key Of Z Vol 1 TPB
    Mega Man TPB volume 02 Time Keeps Slipping
    Muhammad Ali King Of The Ring Campfire TPB
    Punisher by Greg Rucka Premiere HC volume 01
    Spider-Man Fantastic Four Spider-Man TPB
    Ultimate Comics Ultimates by Hickman Premiere HC Book 01
    Uncanny X-Force Dark Angel Saga Premiere HC Book 02
    Vampirella Archives HC volume 04
    Vampirella Scarlet Legion TPB
    X-Men Legacy Necrosha TPB
    X-Men Prelude to Schism TPB

    Looney Tunes #205
    Ralph Wiggum Comics #1
    Sonic the Hedgehog #234
    Strawberry Shortcake Digest GN Berry Scary Storm
    Strawberry Shortcake Pineapple & Other Digest
    Tiny Titans #49
    World of Archie Double Digest #15

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