D&D, Ladies Night, New Releases at Graham Crackers!


    Graham Crackers Comics

    Graham Crackers Comics, very first Ladies Night is here!

    What it is: A women-only comic night! Two hours of giveaways, prizes, signings and a welcoming atmosphere for both the well-versed nerdy girls and those who’ve yet to pick up a graphic novel. Come chat about comics, movies, music, whatever! Better yet, bring a friend! Never been to a comic shop? Now’s your chance.

    Jo Dery, Chicago comic creator,  will be joining us with copies of her books and mini-comics, free signing and discussing her creative process!

    Cupcakes, treats, prizes, deals, trivia – one incentive after another!

    Come one, come all – and leave the boys at home!

    Dungeons and Dragons Encounters at GRAHAM CRACKERS COMICS of NAPERVILLE this WEDNESDAY at 6:30pm

    Well sort of….When we wanted to start up a gaming night of the popular table top miniatures game we found we had missed the new “season” by one week and would have to wait till May when then new season starts. Not wanting to deprive our customers of the casting a magic missile into the darkness for the next 3 months we came up with the next best thing!

    Dungeons and Dragons Encounters GCC Style!
     While it’s not an official D&D encounters session, to begin with, it will have all the same elements as the current encounters season. Think of it as the pre-season till we kick the official campaign in May.

    So what is D&D Encounters?
    • It’s a quick battle with the current D&D 4th edition rules that can be played in about 60 to 90 minutes.
    • Great for gamers that want to get some Orc bashing in but don’t have time to devote 4-6 hours a week to gaming.
    • Best of all you don’t have to show up each week to get in on the action! If you can make it weekly cool, once a month cool, that’s the beauty of the Encounters system.

    It’s starts this Wednesday at 6:30 in our Naperville location and we will have pre generated characters for you to use so all you have to do is show up! See ya there!

    THANKS Honky Tonk Man!

    A big thanks to Honky Tonk Man , Pro Wrestling Blitz and all out great customers that made it out to see the Honky Tonk Man last weekend at our Plainfield store!

    Honky Tonk Man was a blast and shared quite a few classic stories with all the fans that came out to see him. If you are a wrestling fan and couldn’t make it last week, don’t worry, you may get another chance to meet a wrestling legend. In fact I see by checking the weather report we may have some Snow at the end of March…. Stay tuned gang!

    New Releases

    Age of Apocalypse #1
    Age of Apocalypse #1 blank cover
    Age of Apocalypse #1 variant cover
    Amazing Spider-Man #681
    Avengers Academy #27
    Avengers X-Sanction #3 second print
    Avengers Childrens Crusade #9
    Defenders #4
    Defenders #4 i am a defender variant cover
    Fearless #10
    Hulk #49
    Marvels Avengers Prelude Furys Big Week #1
    Thor Deviants Saga #5
    Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #8 volume 2
    Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #8 volume 2 pichelli variant cover
    Uncanny X-Men #8
    Venom #14
    Villains for Hire #4
    Winter Soldier #3
    Wolverine #302
    Wolverine and the X-Men Alpha and Omega #3
    X-Club #4
    X-Men #26 2010 series

    Action Comics #7
    Animal Man #7
    Batman #5 second print
    Batwing #7
    Beyond the Fringe #1
    DC Universe Online Legends #25
    Detective Comics #7
    Detective Comics #7 variant cover
    Green Arrow #7 volume 5
    Hawk and Dove #7
    Huntress #6
    Justice League International #7 volume 2
    Men Of War #7
    Night Force #1 volume 3
    Omac #7
    Red Lanterns #7
    Static Shock #7 volume 3
    Stormwatch #7 volume 5
    Stormwatch #7 volume 5 variant cover
    Supernatural #6
    Swamp Thing #7 volume 4
    Swamp Thing #7 volume 4 variant cover

    Fairest #1
    Fairest #1 variant cover
    I, Zombie #23
    Sweet Tooth #31

    Avengelyne #7 cover a liefeld
    Boys #64
    Charismagic #5 cover a
    Charismagic #5 variant cover
    Dicks #2
    Dicks #2 offensive cover
    Dicks #2 black & white coverFatale #3
    Ferals #3
    Ferals #3 gore cover
    Ferals #3 wrap cover
    Ferals #3 slashed coverGarth Ennis Jennifer Blood #10
    Garth Ennis Jennifer Blood #10 black & white cover
    Garth Ennis Jennifer Blood #10 virgin cover
    Hell Yeah #1
    Honey Badger Adventures #1
    Irredeemable #35 cover a
    Irredeemable #35 cover b
    Kirby Genesis Captain Victory #4
    Kirby Genesis Captain Victory #4 black & white cover
    Kirby Genesis Captain Victory #4 virgin cover
    Kirby Genesis Captain Victory #4 negative cover
    Lady Death #15
    Lady Death #15 sultry cover
    Lady Death #15 wrap cover
    Lady Death #15 art deco coverLone Ranger #3 volume 2
    Magdalena #11
    Manhattan Projects #1
    Mice Templar Vol 3 #8 oeming cover
    Mice Templar Vol 3 #8 santos cover
    Rachel Rising #6
    Robert Jordans Wheel of Time Eye of the World #22
    Salems Daughter Haunting #5 cover a
    Salems Daughter Haunting #5 cover b
    Spawn #217
    Star Wars Crimson Empire III Empire Lost #5
    Stitched #3
    Stitched #3 gore cover
    Stitched #3 wrap cover
    Stitched #3 photo cover
    Supurbia #1
    True Blood French Quarter #6 cover a
    True Blood French Quarter #6 cover b
    True Blood French Quarter #6 photo cover
    True Blood French Quarter #6 variant cover
    Valen Outcast #4 cover a
    Valen Outcast #4 cover b
    Valen Outcast #4 negative cover
    Valen Outcast #4 variant cover
    Vampirella vs Dracula #2
    Warlord of Mars #15 df risque cover


    68 TPB volume 01 Better Run Through the Jungle
    Archie the Married Life TPB volume 02
    Astonishing Thor TPB
    Avengers 1959 TPB
    Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes Ultimate Collection TPB
    Avengers Korvac Saga TPB new printing
    Batman Birth Of The Demon TPB
    Blue HC
    Boys Vol 10 Butcher Baker Candlestick Maker TPB
    Compleat Terminal City TPB
    Complete Crumb TPB volume 01 Early Years of Bitterness
    Complete Peanuts HC volume 17 1983-1984
    Emitown TPB volume 02
    Fear Itself Avengers Academy Premiere HC
    Fear Itself Herc Premiere HC
    Fear Itself Hulk PREM HC
    Fear Itself Invincible Iron Man Premiere HC
    Flashpoint TPB
    Golden Age Greats Spotlight volume 08 Good Girl Art
    Gotham City Sirens Vol 4 Division TPB
    Hellboy Vol 12 The Storm And The Fury TPB
    Hulk Son Of Hulk Dark Son Rising TPB
    King City TPB
    Naruto TPB volume 55
    Occult Files Doctor Spektor Archives HC volume 04
    Spider-Man Return Of Black Cat TPB
    Star Wars Clone Wars Vol 7 Enemy Within TPB
    Superman Last Stand of New Krypton TPB volume 02
    Transformers Movie TPB
    Wonder Woman Odyssey HC volume 02
    X-Men Legacy Five Miles South of Universe Premiere HC

    Comic Book Buyers Guide #1688
    Comic Shop News
    Famous Monsters of Filmland #250
    Shonen Jump April 2012


    Adventure Time #1 second print
    Betty & Veronica Double Digest #199
    Scooby Doo Where Are You #19
    Toy Story #1 volume 2
    Batman Arkham Asylum Play Arts Kai Joker AF
    Batman Black & White Statue Mignola variant edition
    Classic Marvel Figurine Collection Magazine #168 Shanna
    DC Superhero Figurine Collection Magazine #102 Static Shock
    POP V For Vendetta Vinyl Figure