March 30, 2012: The National Occupation of Washington, DC


Occupy the Midwest

We the people from across the country will begin to gather for an American Spring in Washington, DC; NOWDC on March 30, 2012. We join together to peacefully actualize government of the people, for the people and by the people. We oppose: The corruption of both parties in conducting U.S. domestic and foreign policies; The destruction of the Bill of Rights, and the Supreme Court allowing our Constitution to be perverted. We unite against a corporate-controlled government that has failed to promote the public well-being, and demand that our government represent and serve the people.

NOW DC Social Forum: Speakers and Workshops will be held on April 3 to 5 and April 10 to 14. http://nowdc.org/content/now-dc-social-forum-workshops-and-speakers

The goals of NOWDC:

1. Bring people together from around the country to meet each other, share their experiences and discuss next steps for the movement.

2. Bring visibility to the issues that the occupy movement cares about.

3. Leave with new ideas, new skills, new knowledge and new resources so they can organize in their community.

NOWDC sees the vision of the occupy movement is to end corporate rule and shift power to the people so that we can close the wealth divide, equalize opportunity and so create a world that is peaceful, just and sustainable.

For more information go to: nowdc.org

Provisional schedule: http://nowdc.org/content/now-dc-provisional-schedule



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