1976 celebrates 40 years for bar manager David Boyer


David Boyer, 40 years behind bars

Touche Manager David Boyer
Touche Manager David Boyer

CHICAGO — Touche manager David Boyer celebrated 40 years of working at Chicago gay and leather bars with a party at the bar on Friday, April 15.

The bar was filled to capacity as locals and people from across the region came by to help celebrate. David spent much of the night accepting hugs and congratulations from friends and organizations that he’s worked with since moving to Chicago in 1976.

To mark 40 years behind bars in Chicago, Touche and David featured music and styles from the 1970s. DJ Freddie Bain has built a music program that covered the music, pop-rock-country and disco of that year.

From the Touche blog:

A couple of folks have put a question to me so as tricky Dick would say a few years later, “Let me be perfectly clear”.  This is not my retirement party.  It’s only been 40 years, I’ve finally got warmed up! Who knows what will happen next but I plan to continue serving behind bars for years to come.  Hey we’ve Touché’s 40th coming up in a couple of years.  I’ve got to make that a huge blast, too.

David Boyer, 40 years behind barsDavid Boyer, 40 years behind barsDavid Boyer, 40 years behind barsDavid Boyer, 40 years behind bars




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