4-Play in Chicago! – The one about leather, May 11

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CHICAGO — Every show, your hosts Jacq Jones and Prescott Gaylord bring on a guest expert and a guest comedian to chat about a topic.

This show will be all about leather.
Bring a story to tell, and questions to ask.

Guest expert Sarah Sloane
Sarah Sloane is a leatherwoman from Chicago, IL. She has been active in the Leather and BDSM communities since 1998, and has been honored to serve as an organizer, volunteer, and educator throughout the years. She also writes and speaks on sexuality, gender, and pleasure to a diverse range of organizations, institutions, and events.

When not rabble-rousing, she knits, lifts weights, reads voraciously, and plays as much as she can get away with. She shares her life with her leather family, her boy, her other partners, and her teddy bear, Stuart.

Guest comedian Susan Messing
A New Jersey native, Susan Messing graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in theater. Following graduation, she began performing improvisation at iO Theater, where she appeared on the Harold team Blue Velveeta. In 1998, she was hired as a performer on The Second City mainstage.

Messing is an ensemble member of Annoyance Theater where she performed in “Co-ed Prison Sluts,” “The Miss Vagina Pageant,” “The Real Live Brady Bunch” as well as directing What Every Girl Should Know… An Ode to Judy Blume (based on the work of Judy Blume).

Her show ‘Messing With A Friend’ has become a gold standard for modern improv.

She has performed on NBC’s Late Friday and Comedy Central’s Premium Blend along with her puppet Jolly after showcasing at the HBO/US Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen. She also voiced the character “Eos” in the 2001 video game Red Faction

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