Chicago sends off their IML 2016 contestants

Illinois IML 2016 Send Off
Mr. Midwest Leather 2016 Adam Henderson, Mr. Leather 64TEN 2016 James Trycha and Mr. Fetish Jackhammer 2015 Justin Herren at their send off party. (Photos by Ruff Wray)

CHICAGO — With International Mr. Leather (IML) just a couple of weeks away, Chicago got ready to send off their contestants.

Unlike past years where there has often only been a single contestant from IML’s host city, there are four Chicagoans going to the contest downtown. So two parties were held this past weekend with Touche hosting the send off for Mr. Chicago Leather 2016 Todd Harris and Jackhammer, just next door, hosting the party for Mr. Leather 64TEN James Tyrcha, Mr. Fetish Jackhammer Justin Herren and Mr. Midwest Leather Adam “Vino” Henderson (Midwest is a regional title but Adam lives in Chicago).

Both parties were fundraisers for the titleholder’s travel funds. All four will be at the Congress Hotel and Harris Theater in two weeks for IML 2016.



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