Chicago leather community raises more than $3K for Pulse

Prizes and community members at the "We've Got You Pulse" fundraiser at Touche on June 18. (Photos by Ruff Wray)
Prizes and community members at the “We’ve Got You Pulse” fundraiser at Touche on June 18. (Photos by Ruff Wray)

CHICAGO — The Chicago leather community came together on Saturday, June 18, to raise $3,625 at Touche for the victims of the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando the week before.

Mr. Chicago Leather 2015 Luis Tipantasig organized the fundraiser the day after the massacre and recruited titleholders and organizations in Chicago and across the region to donate time and prizes for a raffle auction to raise money for the Support Victims of Pulse Shooting fund set up by Equality Florida Action.

Titleholders and organizations involved include:

  • Eric Masters, Mr. 501 Eagle 2016
  • James Tyrcha, Mr. Leather 64TEN 2016
  • Sarah Sloane, Ms. Illinois Leather Pride 2016
  • Shadi Beidas, Illinois Leather SIR 2016
  • Adam Henderson, Mr. Midwest Leather 2015 and 2nd Runner Up IML 2016
  • Miguel Torres, Mr Chicago Leather 2014
  • Justin Herron, Mr. Jackhammer Fetish 2015
  • Krystoff, Illinois Trainer 2016
  • Dady John, Great Lakes Trainer 2016
  • Jeffrey Basille, Mr. International Rubber 2016
  • The Illinois Eagle
  • American Brotherhood Weekend
  • Mr. International Rubber
  • International Mr. Leather
  • Bulldog Leathers
  • Buck Angel
  • Father & Son Barbershop
  • DJ Bryan Konrad
  • Touche
  • Windy City Abbey of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

As of Monday night, Equality Florida Action has raised more than $5 million and is starting to disburse money to victims and their families. The organization has also announce their transparency standards to ensure that the money donate will reach those most affected by the massacre.

If you were unable to attend the fundraiser, you can donate here.

There is also a resource page for those who would like to volunteer or work for change in fighting for civil rights or against gun violence.



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