GTO gets woke with its world premiere sci-fi/hip-hop mashup: #GETWOKE



CHICAGO — “Woke”: past tense and paste participle of “Wake.” Related: “Stay Woke” or “Get Woke” (adjective; slang) meaning a state of being self-aware, questioning the dominant paradigm, and/or striving for something better, especially as it relates to social injustice. E.G. “While you are obsessing about the Kardashians, there are millions of homeless in the world. GET WOKE.”

#GETWOKE, written by James Jones and directed by Jessica N. Vann, performs April 7-May 28, 2017 at 7:30pm (Fridays in April and Sundays in May: April 7, 14, 21, and 28, and May 7, 14, 21 and 28), at Gorilla Tango Theatre (1919 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago IL 60647). Tickets are $20. Please visit or call 773-598-4549 for tickets and more information.

Peter Gibson is a big shot producer whose life is set to take an interesting turn when a hip-hop dance crew obsessed with change enters his mind. Witness the winding journey of the rebel group EPOTAT, as they travel from dream to dream trying to secure their positive ideas into Peter’s mind. This downside-up and inside out parody will have you grooving to the beat, laughing out loud and, hopefully, leaving a little more woke. #GETWOKE is part Inception, part sitcom, part funky fresh get down.

The show is written by Gorilla Tango’s very own James Jones with assistance from Gorilla Tango Burlesque Producer Jo Ellen Jacob. Jones states, “This show is trying to open the discussion of fairer opportunities, casting-wise in this case. It’s done in an entertaining way that isn’t too serious but it also has meaningful moments that express the ideals of change for the better.”

The show is filled with fresh, up-and-coming talent including, Michael Nquyen, Da’Nelle Grier, Shaina Jones, Deja Ross, Jonathan Rivera, Kelsey Erhart, Marshall Kious and Brian Mengler. Directed by Jessica N. Vann and Assistant Directed by Becca Holloway.

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