Central Illinois Pride Health Center to build lending library


BLOOMINGTON – Central Illinois Pride Health Center received a grant of $500 from the Acorn Equality Fund to build a Lending Library for the LGBTQ youth of Bloomington-Normal youth group, “Friends Like Us.”

The youth group that meets weekly will now be able to obtain LGBTQ-focused books specific to the ages of 13-19 years old, as well as games that will be played during their weekly youth group.

The youth group, which started meeting every week since June 2016, has seen an increase of youth activity to the group. The Lending Library will allow them to have material to read that matches their age and identity. Games that promote inclusion, equality, education, and skill building will be obtained from our Lending Library.

“This library will give our youth more ways to understand their life as an LGBTQ youth,” said Len Meyer, Executive Director. “LGTBQ youth need to be able to see themselves in the characters of books and walk a mile in their shoes through the stories that are read by our kids.”