Action Camp 2k17


OTTAWA — For the last four years the Illinois Safe Schools Alliance has hosted a 4-day sleepaway Youth Leadership Action Camp for young people throughout the state to come together to discuss those issues most pertinent to them and learn from one another how best to advocate for change within their school and home communities. And this year we’re adding another day!

Students who are rising 8th through 12th graders in Illinois who are interested in making schools safer for students throughout the state are encouraged to apply for Action Camp.

Action Camp will be staffed by Alliance volunteers, staff members and Youth Committee members. Si tu o tus padres hablan español y necesitan ayuda traduciendo las formas o tienen preguntas, por favor contáctanos a través de [email protected]

Note to returning campers! We are at a different camp location this year! This means most campers will be sleeping in screened-in cabins that don’t have electricity and house 4 sets of bunk beds. Programming will occur in larger cabins that do have power (so there’s still plenty of chances to charge your devices), but this will not be the case where you sleep. Each bunk will receive a lantern that will act as the primary light source but flashlights are also essential.

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