Black Lives Matter signs stolen, damaged in Chicago north ‘burbs


EVANSTON — Black Lives Matter signs have been getting stolen or damaged in Chicago’s northern suburbs, a TV station reported Wednesday.

From ABC7:

Police in Evanston and Skokie are investigating and homeowners are disturbed.

“Black Lives Matter” signs are a common sight in front yards throughout the north suburbs, but what’s becoming more prevalent is a disturbing trend. The theft or vandalism of those signs has happened to Corrie Wallace six times in the past year.

“It’s really troubling, ’cause now I wake up every morning I look outside to see if my sign is still there,” Wallace said.

Wallace said she is one of several people in Skokie and Evanston who have had to replace their signs repeatedly, because they were damaged or stolen.

“I don’t believe it’s kids,” she said.

The TV station reported that Lakes Street Avenue Church has had a dozen signs taken over the past few months. The church is looking at a permanent sign now.

Reverend Michael Nabors of the NAACP told ABC7 that even diverse areas like Evanston aren’t immune to the political climate. “We see now that everything is out in the open and people don’t mind expressing their venom and their hatred,” Nabors told the station.