Chicago Leather Club goes on hiatus


CHICAGO — Chicago Leather Club, a service-oriented leather club in Chicago, announced Tuesday that they would be going on indefinite hiatus.

From their Facebook page:

Hello CLC family and friends,

On Friday, Oct 27th, the active full members of CLC voted to suspend the bylaws of the club and go on an indefinite hiatus. This motion has included language that will allow Chicago Leather Club to resume in the future if the remaining full members agree to do so.

This was a really hard discussion to have, and it still feels like a bit of grieving, but we also had to accept that times of our community have changed us all. The club scene today is not what it was 16 years ago when we started. We’ve not had new members that would help us keep doing the mission that the founders set out when they started the club. We all have gotten to points in our lives where we need that new blood to keep things going when our busy, complicated lives keep us from putting in the time that is needed to keep a club alive and vibrant.

We are not going away! We are still planning to have an annual get-together, that will be most likely in January. In keeping with our commitment the “Deck the Balls” annual fundraiser for Lori Canon and the Grocery Store will be in December. Remaining members will still wear our patches when we do go out… we’re just not able to do much else. And that’s OK.

Thank you to all of you who worked your asses off to make this club run for sixteen years. We’ve got nothing to be ashamed of, we did it all right.

On behalf of the membership,


President, Chicago Leather Club