Suburban Chicago school district sued by another transgender student


PALATINE — The school district that made national news last year because of legal battle over a transgender student’s bathroom access is being taken to court by another student.

From WGN9:

In the lawsuit filed in Cook County Circuit Court Thursday, 18-year-old Nova Maday says school officials have been denying her the use of the girls’ locker room during physical education class. She claims she’s been singled-out and forced to change in a nurse’s office or a separate locker area. As a result, Malay’s suit says the school hurt her grades, and her sense of well-being.

Maday is suing for court-ordered access to facilities that match their gender identity, damages, and to be treated like everybody else.

“First and foremost, she’s a girl. And all she wants to do in the context of high school, is be treated like every other girl,” said Ed Yohnka, ACLU of Illinois. “High school is tough enough. It’s a tough enough time to grow without the school telling you that your identity somewhat isn’t valuable enough.”

The school district superintendent, Dan Cates, told the TV station, “The allegations in the lawsuit misrepresent the accommodations extended to this student and District 211’s approach to working with and supporting transgender students.”

Township High School District 211 was taken to court for a similar reason in 2013 and helped start a national discussion on transgender student issues.