S.I. Pride to protest anti-LGBTQ education billboard


CARBONDALE — S.I. Pride, a LGBTQ Pride organization in Carbondale, will be protesting a billboard opposing a proposal to include LGBTQ in the state school history curriculum.

From WCIA in Champaign:

It’s unclear who posted the billboard. It reads, “Paid for by the Church Without Walls,” but no church with that name is accepting responsibility.

An employee of Equality Illinois took the photo off Highway 143, near Carbondale. Equality Illinois is the group behind the initiative to bring LGBTQ history to schools.

Tuesday morning, it shared the photo with members. They say they’re outraged but are focused on passing the bill.

Under the plan, schools would be required to teach about the accomplishments of people who are LGBTQ, similar to lessons of women’s history or black history. When lessons would be taught and how would be left up to each district.

There are two identical versions of the bill: one in the House and one in the Senate. They’re both headed to the floor for a vote. Those supporting the initiative say they’re still working to get enough yes votes to pass. Once they do, they’ll be calling it for a vote.

Supporters and friends of S.I. Pride will be meeting at the corner of State Routes 13 and 148 at 3 p.m. on Sunday, April 29. You can get more information at the Facebook event page.