Kid hoping to bring Pride to Chicago’s northwest ‘burbs


BUFFALO GROVE — A 12-year-old girl in Chicago’s northwest suburbs is hoping to bring Pride to her part of the metro area.

The Elgin Patch reported that Molly Pinta, a seventh grader at Twin Groves Middle School who rocks rainbow-colored hair, is aiming to have her pride parade take to the streets of Buffalo Grove next June. Molly calls herself “gay and proud” according to the website.

She’s hoping to raise $30,000 for the parade, which was inspired by Aurora’s Pride. The city an hour south of Chicago held it’s first Pride this year with a parade and family friendly events.

From the Patch:

In total, $30,000 is needed to make Molly’s dream a reality. Molly’s mom, Carolyn Heyman Pinta, created a GoFundMe page to bring in the necessary funds for the parade. As of Monday afternoon, the online fund-raiser has brought in over $5,000.

Molly has drawn plenty of support so for the Buffalo Grove Pride Parade, which she hopes will be held on June 2, 2019, the Daily Herald reports. The Buffalo Grove Community Arts Center reached out to Molly’s family, wishing to be a part of the parade, and Molly’s father, Bob, said they are considering having a party following the parade at the arts center.

Buffalo Grove officials also said they support Molly’s cause.

“I think she really wants to have something very classy, and I think her goals are to educate the community, to bring awareness to the community,” Village President Beverly Sussman told the Daily Herald. “Here is a girl who wants everyone to be together to respect each other. And for a 12-year-old to say we should all respect each other and care about each other, I think that’s very important.”