Episcopal Chruch to allow same-sex weddings in all churches


AUSTIN, Texas — The U.S. Episcopal Church voted to permit same-sex couples at all of their congregation as they wrapped up their General Convention.

The Tennessean reported that the church had the vote on Friday.

From The Tennessean:

The General Convention, which wrapped up its triennial meeting in Austin, Texas, on Friday, passed a resolution with overwhelming support that makes it so all couples can marry in their local congregations. They now do so under the direction of their priest, instead of their bishop.

“I am thrilled,” said Connally Davies Penley, a member of All Sacraments for All People.

The local grassroots group has been advocating for equal access to marriage within the Episcopal Diocese of Tennessee since Bishop John Bauerschmidt announced his ban on same-sex weddings in 2015.

Under the resolution passed Friday, clergy still can decline to bless or solemnize any marriage. But if the couples live in a diocese where the bishop theologically objects to same-sex marriages, that bishop will tap, if necessary, another willing one to provide pastoral support to all involved.

“I think it’s a wonderful compromise, which respects the dignity of the bishop and his position, but still allows marriage for all in their home congregations,” said Davies Penley as she prepared to leave Texas on Friday afternoon.

The final amended version of the resolution had broad support in the House of Deputies and the House of Bishops.