CVS pharmacist who refused to fill hormone prescription fired


PHOENIX — The pharmacist who refused to fill a transgender woman’s hormone prescription has been fired by CVS, USA Today reported Saturday.

Hilde Hall got national attention with her blog post last week about being refused her hormone prescription by a pharmacist in suburban Phoenix. She wrote in the blog post that she hadn’t heard back after sending complaints to CVS corporate headquarters. The company has definitely responded. They fired the pharmacist on Friday.

From USA Today:

Mike DeAngelis, CVS spokesman, said the pharmacist violated company policy by refusing to fill the prescription.

But, under state law, the company must accommodate any religious convictions that prevent a pharmacist from filling specific medications. Arizona pharmacists are required to notify the company in advance about any religious convictions so CVS can make other arrangements to ensure a patient’s needs are met, DeAngelis added.

DeAngelis did not directly comment on why the pharmacist was fired as the person was not in violation of state law.

According to the newspaper, Hall has decided not to take legal action against CVS.