2GETHER Couples Project is looking for participants


CHICAGO — 2GETHER, a project looking to strengthen male relationships, is looking for particpants both in the Chicago area and nationally.

Christopher Garcia, research study coordinator with the IMPACT Program that is running the project, said 2GETHER is made up of a national study and one for the Chicago area.

“The Chicago project is an in-person study looking at two relationship education programs,” Garcia said in an email. “Both programs are four weeks in length, two weeks of group sessions and two weeks of individual sessions.”

He said that each program teaches unique skills to improve gay, bi, queer and same gender loving male couples. The study then tracks the couples throughout the next year. Participants can earn up to $250 per person throughout the year. Garcia said couples of all HIV statuses, ages, and relationship agreements to apply.

After applying, according to the project website, and are placed in either 2GETHER USA or 2GETHER Chicago, participants will complete a brief confirmation phone call. Once eligibility is confirmed, participants will then complete a baseline which includes an online survey, free self-administered STI testing, and couples activity. Next, couples will be assigned to one of two relationship education programs, where relationship skills are taught and practiced. After completing the program, the organizers will follow up with online surveys three, six, and nine months later. One year after completing the program, the program will ask you to complete the STI testing, online survey, and couples activity again.

For more information and to apply for the program, go to http://www.2getherstudy.northwestern.edu/.