U.S. doctors’ group endorses event-based PrEP


AMSTERDAM — For the first time, a U.S.-based doctors group has endorsed event-based PrEP use.

AIDSMap.com reported that the International Antiviral Society-USA (IAS-USA) made the recommendation during the International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam last month.

In this case, event-based means PrEP is given on demand instead of a regular daily dose. According to AIDSMap, IAS-USA recommends event-driven PrEP as an alternative for cisgender men who have sex with men, following the protocol used in the IPERGAY study: i.e. a double dose (two pills) of TDF/FTC between 24 and two hours in advance of anticipated sex, then, if sex happens, one pill the following day and one the day after – or to be continued daily until two days after the last sex.

The website reported that the group warns against event-driven dosing for women (as vaginal tissue concentrations only reach 10% of rectal concentrations), for all transgender people, and for people at risk through drug injection (for lack of evidence).

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