Lambda Legal urges senators to convince White House to withdraw Kavanaugh nomination

Brett Kavanaugh
(Picture via Wikimedia Commons)

WASHINGTON — Sharon McGowan, Lambda Legal Chief Strategy Officer and Legal Director, issued the following statement:

“Allegations of sexual violence should always be taken seriously and properly investigated.  The allegations of sexual misconduct brought forward by Dr. Ford, as well as the new claims brought to the public’s attention this evening, should be immediately referred to the FBI for a full investigation.  By refusing to do so, Senate Republicans demonstrate that they are incapable of taking their solemn responsibility seriously, and that they have learned little since Anita Hill’s hearing 27 years ago.  In fact, there is no indication that Senate leadership will reconsider their reckless campaign to force Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination through.  But we believe that there must be at least two Republicans of conscience who share our view that enough is enough.  We urge them to do the right thing – they must either convince the White House to withdraw Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination or publicly commit to opposing him.”

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