Minnesota issues one of the first non-binary drivers licenses


MEDICINE LAKE, Minn. — Minnesota has become one of the first states to issue a license with the gender marked non-binary, and the first in the Midwest.

FOX9 in Minneapolis reported on Monday that the state’s issued the license to Minnesota J. Zappa, who identifies as both male and female. The TV station also used gender neutral pronouns in reporting the story.

From FOX9:

“It was just frustrating because most recently I had an F on it and I would show it to someone, but they would say, ‘you are dressed like a man,’ or ‘you have a deep voice,’ or ‘we don’t think this is accurate.’ They would say ‘this isn’t your license,” Zappa said.

The Department of Public Safety’s Driver and Vehicle Services Division says as part of its new REAL ID compliant driver’s license system, drivers can chose from three options – male, female and non-binary.

“It was a business decision to offer a third option to better serve all Minnesotans.”

The division says licenses will have either an M, F or X in the gender section.

Outfront Minnesota told the TV station that the state follows Oregon, Washington and the District of Columbia in having a non-binary option on licenses.

“I think this is one more step in recognizing trans people to be who they are and that we’re legitimate and that we’re out here so it’s good,” Zappa told FOX9.