Illinois Log Cabin Republicans trying a reboot


CHICAGO — It turns out the Log Cabin Republicans of Illinois, an organization that aims to be a place for LGBTQ people in the Republican Party in the state, are trying to reboot the organization.

The state had been without any LCR chapters since July, when former state chapter president Morry Matson became nationally known for calling the police on a black woman trying to use a coupon. He’d also been running for 48th Ward alderman in Chicago, but dropped out after the video of him calling the police went viral.

The LCR are doing their reboot with a meeting at the Bezazian Branch of the Chicago Public Library, pretty much on the border between Edgewater and Uptown. Republicans of any type are pretty thin on the ground in Chicago and especially on the lakefront.

They’ve set up a Facebook event and will be at the Bezazian Branch on Friday, Oct. 26, 12 to 1 p.m. As of Thursday afternoon, they have a total of nine people who are going or are interested in the event. They have about 318 followers on their Facebook page.