Iowa library gets flooded with donations after LGBTQ books are burned


ORANGE CITY, Iowa — In the days since an anti-LGBTQ activist burned some books, the Orange City Public Library has gotten flooded with donations.

The Des Moines Register reported on Wednesday that more than 200 books had been sent to the small public library in northwester Iowa. Plus, thousands of dollars have been raised on multiple GoFundMe campaigns.

From the Register:

Justin Scott said he started a Facebook fundraiser as a “knee-jerk reaction” to Dorr’s video. Within days, he had raised more than $1,000.

Scott said the library urged him to also consider other groups for the large donation, so he’s asking the donors their thoughts on giving the money to local libraries and LGBTQ and youth organizations, including OC Pride — the group targeted in Dorr’s video.

Donations to OC Pride also have increased.

Scott is the Iowa state director for American Atheists, a national nonprofit. He said his atheism isn’t the reason he started the fundraiser but hopes it shows that atheists and Christians who oppose Dorr’s actions have “more in common than we think.”

James Peron, president of the libertarian think tank Moorfield Storey Institute, said he shipped 20 LGBTQ books and DVDs to the library. He raised hundreds of dollars in a GoFundMe, mostly from friends, he said.

Paul Dorr burned four LGBTQ books two weeks ago and has told local media that he refuses to pay for replacements. The library said it would follow its established policies for dealing with lost or stolen books.