UW-Madison chancellor signs letter to DeVos for transgender rights


MADISON — The chancellor of Wisconsin’s largest university joined in urging U.S. Education Betsy DeVos to oppose the proposed federal policy that would narrowly define gender by gentalia

Madison.com reported this week that UW-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank co-penned a letter DeVos with officials from universities and colleges across the country. 

Blank’s letter, signed by herself, Princton University President Christopher Eisgruber and Rutgers University President Robert Barchi, was dated Thursday, about two weeks after The New York Times reported that President Donald Trump’s administration is considering restricting the definition of gender to be determined by one’s genitals at birth.

Any dispute about one’s sex would have to be clarified using genetic testing, according to the report.

“We appeal to you to do everything you can to prevent such action and to uphold the dignity of all persons,” the letter states. “These protections are important because transgender Americans in all parts of the country, including students and others on our campuses, have faced discrimination, isolation, and harassment.”

University spokeswoman Meredith McGlone said Princeton’s president contacted Blank about co-authoring the letter.

“We think the letter speaks for itself,” she said.