Protests after Chicago church kicks out non-binary parishioner


CHICAGO — There were protests at church on the Chicago South Side after the pastor kicked a parishioner out for not dressing as a man, according to a Chicago tv station.

From ABC7 Chicago:

A church statement said that Pastor Antonio Rocquemore, of Powerhouse International Ministries, privately warned [Antwan] Haywood on three occasions that dressing like a woman is against church rules.

“During these private sessions the Pastor utilize love, compassion and thoughtfulness in articulating the church policy. The young man agreed to abide by the policy, but would continuously disregard the Pastor’s appeal,” the statement said.

Haywood said he is in the process of looking for another church.

About 10 people, who were not church parishioners, quietly protested outside the church holding signs against hate speech.

A coalition of community groups released a statement objecting to the church’s actions.

In the essence of the simplistic nature of the manifested reality of God, we boldly declare that ‘God is Love,’ ” the coalition said in the statement, issued through Brave Space Alliance. “To honor God is to honor and exemplify love. It is time for humanity to mature beyond the antiquated desire to ration the ‘Love of God’ to those that it seems worthy of ‘love.’ Let us love unconditionally and perfect the art of human equality and equity. We send our sincerest prayers to Antwan Haywood, Pastor Antonio Rocquemore and their entire assembly.”

The statement said that Powerhouse Church of Chicago has reached out to Haywood. The other organizations signing onto the statement include DAB of Consulting and Transsolutions Consulting.

This story was updated with the statement from Brave Space Alliance.