Transgender students want easier name change process at Loyola Chicago

Loyola University in Chicago’s Rogers Park neighborhood. (Wikimedia Commons)

CHICAGO — Students at Loyola University in Chicago are pushing for the school to make easier to use their preferred names.

The Loyola Phoenix, the student newspaper at the university, said that Loyola will change a student’s name in their records only after a legal name change.

A student group called Gender Understanding Exploration Support Society (GUESS) has been working with Loyola Dean of Students Will Rodriguez to update the name change process.

From the Phoenix:

In a statement sent to The Phoenix, Rodriguez said he formed a task force last year focused on transgender issues at Loyola. He said he’s discussed the name change policy with several officials at the university over the course of the past two semesters and is now formally considering changing the policy.

He said Loyola’s technology must be analyzed extensively before a change can be made.

“We in Student Development will continue to work closely with Registration and Records as well as Information Technology Services to keep this complex project moving forward and to report on progress in regular intervals,” the statement said.

The newspaper said there was no firm date on if or when the policy would change.



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