Equality Illinois makes endorsement in Chicago treasurer race


CHICAGO — Equality Illinois this week made a  endorsement in the race for Chicago treasurer. The organization usually endorses for positions in state government or mayors offices.

Politico Illinois reported the endorsement in their Friday morning Illinois Playbook newsletter.

Equality Illinois CEO Brian Johnson told Politico that his group was worried about the stances, or lack there of, on two LGBTQ pieces of legislation this past year.

From Politico:

On HB1875, the birth certificate-sex designation bill (which allows trans folks to change their gender on their birth records without having surgery), Conyears-Ervin was the only lawmaker to vote present (instead of yea or nay). And Equality Illinois says Conyears-Ervin hasn’t committed to SB3249, which would add LGBTQ issues in school history books. That bill was just placed on the calendar for a second reading.

Conyears-Ervin, who this week was endorsed by SEIU 73 and Chicago Teachers Union, responded to POLITICO about Equality Illinois’ concerns. In an email sent through a spokesman, she wrote:

“My record on issues of fairness and equality is second to none and I will continue to work with anyone promoting these causes. I support teaching LGBTQ history in schools and I will work with my colleagues to achieve this measure as it comes up for consideration and a vote in the General Assembly. Finally, I did not oppose legislation changing the criteria medical professionals require to change the gender on a person’s birth certificate, and in hindsight recognize the value of a law that relieves the burden put on transgender men and women to be recognized by the state as the gender that they identify. I support this law.”

Her spokesman declined to answer why Conyears-Ervin didn’t vote on the birth-certificate bill.



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