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Illinois Family Action freaks out about Satanic display at state capitol

NewsStatewideIllinois Family Action freaks out about Satanic display at state capitol

SPRINGFIELD — Illinois Family Action, part of the far-right Illinois Family Institute, did not react well to the Satanic Temple of Chicago putting up a display at the Illinois State Capitol. So they’re trying to get it out.

The group had a rather long freak out about the display. Here’s the highlights:

Satanists may have a legal right to do this, but they do not have a moral right. The general silence of Christians and their leaders over the years has clearly emboldened them – to the detriment of us all.

We are not at all concerned about the effect of this on Christians or Christianity. God cares for His own and can certainly take care of Himself.  But we are concerned that our silence communicates a dangerous message to the watching world:  that God isn’t real, that He doesn’t care and perhaps most destructive of all, that He will not judge.

We as God’s people dare not respond to this latest assault with more silence and apparent indifference.  The Church of Jesus Christ in Illinois must rise up and speak the truth about this.  Illinois pastors and church leaders, in particular, must be willing to call evil out. If not, then we have acquiesced to the point of complete uselessness to both God and man.  If not, we truly are the church of Laodicea and will be spit out of the mouth of God.

The IFA is wanting people to contact the Secretary of State’s Office to voice their “concern.” However, so can people who actually do support the separation of church and state. Here’s the contact info:

Phone: 800-252-8980 (toll free in Illinois), 217-785-3000 (outside Illinois)

Website: https/www.ilsos.gov/ContactFormsWeb/secretary_contact.jsp

The IFA and IFI are far-right groups that oppose marriage equality, abortion access, teaching evolution, the separation of church and state, anti-bullying laws, drug legalization and “activist judges.” (Unless the judges are conservative of course.) In 2012, the Southern Poverty Law Center designated the IFI an anti-gay hate group. And judging by their website, they seem pretty sure that communists are about to take over the state.

The Satanic Temple, responding to a request for comment from the Eagle, wasn’t really worried.

The Satanic Temple—Chicago remains unconcerned with the moral pronouncements of Illinois Family Action, which is the legislative action arm of a designated hate group.

Further, we do not know which is more unfortunate: the hypocrisy of IFA condemning a religious organization for exercising the rights for which IFA purports to fight; the insecurity of IFA in their own beliefs in suggesting their religious figure can defeat another in a fight; or that members of IFA hold to such superstitious beliefs at all.

Rather, this holiday season, we choose to promote, and encourage Illinoisans to consider, a more spiritually rewarding message that “Knowledge is the Greatest Gift.”

Unless the IFA has a surprising success, the display will be up until Dec. 29.



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