Anti-LGBTQ incident in Barrington has silver lining

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BARRINGTON — A lesbian couple in this northwestern suburb of Chicago was the victim of anti-LGBTQ vandalism recently, but found more community than they thought afterwards.

WGN-TV reported that Casey Handel and Zadette Rosado had their Pride flag stolen from their backyard flag pole two weeks ago and replaced with the U.S. flag. They were surprised and upset at the theft. But something good happened next.

From WGN:

Word got around the neighborhood and it was more than one of their neighbors, Kim Filian, could bear. She didn’t really know the couple but she planted a pride flag on her lawn in solidarity. Then she ordered more, then other neighbors kept asking for them. Now they are everywhere around their neighborhood.

“Frankly, I’ve grown weary of this, of all this hate,” Filian said. “And I got to say, it just seemed like there was one thing that I could do  that I had control of.”

“For me, whenever there’s a bad situation, I always remember there’s a silver lining, and this was our silver lining,” Rosado said.

After that, gifts started randomly showing up, and people started dropping by. It was an amazing lesson in the goodness of humanity for the couple’s two children.

“We said look at what all the good people are doing, look at all the nice people in the world. For every bad person, there’s 100 nice people, And it is a really good lesson for them, and for all the children in the neighborhood, to see that there’s good in this world and it always outweighs the bad,” Handel said.



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