Gay Chicago cop accused of beating gay couple resigns


CHICAGO — A gay Chicago cop accused of beating a gay couple last year and under investigation for sexual assault in Michigan has resigned.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that Eric Elkins resigned effective as of Thursday. While he was under investigation both for beating John Sherwood and Tom Stacha and for touching the genitals over clothes of a Michigan teenage boy, he hadn’t been charged in the beating and plead to lesser charges with the assault.

Elkins had been accused of beating Sherwood and Stacha in Andersonville with some friends. Both had to be hospitalized.

From the Sun-Times:

They sued Elkins and others who were with him at the bar, including Dwayne Jones, then an Oak Park cop who co-owns a townhouse with Elkins. Also with them were Giovanni Rodriguez and Jeffrey Rodriguez, who in court papers portrayed Elkins and Jones as the aggressors.

Elkins and Jones left before responding officers arrived, according to police reports.

Neither Elkins nor Jones has been charged in the bar beating. Neither could be reached for comment.

Sherwood has described Elkins as being in “a fit of rage” at the bar and said he was pummeled by the officer, resulting in a broken leg.

Tim Cavanagh, a lawyer who is representing Sherwood and Stacha, said his clients recently spoke with investigators from the police department and the Cook County state’s attorney’s office about what happened outside the bar.

With the sexual assault, he was charged with misdemenor criminal sexual conduct. But with the plea deal, according to the newspaper, he was sentenced to one year of probation, 80 hours of community service and avoided having to register as a sex offender.

The Sun-Times reported that since he has resigned, the Chicago Police Department can’t take any disciplinary action against him. And since both incidents took place off-duty, it won’t affect the pension.



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