Cast announced for Midwest Premiere of Steven Dietz’s MAD BEAT HIP & GONE, opening May 4


CHICAGO — Promethean Theatre Ensemble will close its 2018-19 season with the Midwest Premiere of MAD BEAT HIP & GONE, by Steven Dietz, author of LAST OF THE BOYS and PRIVATE EYES and over thirty other plays that have been produced by regional theatres across the country, internationally, and off-Broadway in New York.  MAD BEAT HIP & GONE, which had its world premiere in Austin, Texas in 2013, follows two young Nebraska men who meet beat generation writer Jack Kerouac.  Rejecting the established order of mid-1950s America, they follow Kerouac’s example and hit the open road in search of truth. Do they find it? And what can we learn from their travels?

Promethean’s production of  MAD BEAT HIP & GONE will be just the second production of the play and the first to employ revisions Dietz has written since its 2013 world premiere. It will be directed by Jess Hutchinson, Artistic Director of Chicago’s late New Leaf Theatre, where her directorial credits included ARCADIA, THE DINING ROOM, and world premieres of BURYING MISS AMERICA, LIGHTHOUSEKEEPING, and THE MAN WHO WAS THURSDAY. MAD BEAT HIP & GONE will open on Saturday May 4, 2019. It will be one of the first productions to be staged in The Edge Theater Off Broadway, 1133 W Catalpa Avenue, a new performance space in The Edge Theater building.

Hutchinson’s cast will include Pat King and Michael Vizzi as Danny and Rich, the two young Nebraska men on the road; and Hilary Williams as Honey – the girl they meet along the way and both fall for. Ted Hoerl will play Albert and Promethean Ensemble member Elaine Carlson will be Mrs. Fergus. Understudies are Nick Stockwell (Danny) and Annie Cleveland (Honey). The production team also will include Rachel Sypniewski (costume designer), Bec Willett (set designer),  Jamie Bragg (assistant director), and Alexa Berkowitz (stage manager).

Press release from Promethean Theatre Ensemble