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Bill would change how Illinois awards electoral votes

SPRINGFIELD — Tim Butler, a Republican state representative from Springfield, has filed a bill that would award Illinois’s electoral votes based on the proportion of the vote a candidate gets.

From WEEK-TV in Springfield:

Under the current electoral college process, each state gets one electoral vote per congressional seat, plus two more for their two Senate seats. Illinois uses a winner-take-all method, where the candidate who wins the most electoral votes in the state takes all 20 Illinois votes.

“A single state now has a multitude of differing regional interests within it. Illinois is a perfect example because we have a huge metropolitan area like Chicago in the northeast, but close to half of the population is spread across the other ¾ quarters of the state,” said Butler. “It makes sense that we update how we award our electoral votes for President to ensure these differing regional perspectives within the state are reflected in the Presidential election.”

Butler said it could improve voter turnout. If it had been in used during 2016, the TV station reported, Trump would have gotten seven of the state’s electoral votes.

The bill is House Bill 3109.

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