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Monticello High School looking for U of I LGBTQ members for a panel

MONTICELLO — The University of Illinois LGBT Resource Center announced last week that Monticello High School is asking for U of I students to speak about their experiences.

From the Resource Center’s Facebook post:

Do you remember needing to see other LGBTQ self-identified folks while you were in high school? Do you think you have an important message to communicate to high school students about sexual and gendered identities?

Monticello high school is seeking LGBTQ UIUC students to visit for a talk with some of their students pretty soon, and we need panelists!

Please consider sharing your message and empowering the youngsters to love themselves and be who they are (or want to become) via this networking/affirming event. You never know who you might be able to help out.

Interested UIUC students from an discipline (undergraduates in particular, though graduate students are also encouraged to sign-up) should click the link below to express interest:


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