Indiana now offers non-binary option on drivers licenses

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INDIANAPOLIS — Hoosiers can now choose X as well as male or female for their drivers licenses, an Indiana newspaper reported on Monday.

According to the Times of Northwest Indiana, the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles is now issuing drivers licenses and ID cards with a non-specific gender option.

From the Times:

Susie Guyer, BMV executive director of marketing and communications, said the agency decided to offer a third gender option to follow the credential standards recommended by the American Academy of Motor Vehicle Administrators, which include an “X” gender identifier.

Under Indiana law, every application for a driver’s license or identification card is required to contain information regarding “the gender of the applicant,” which the BMV interprets as permitting the “X” option, Guyer said.

She explained that driver’s license and ID card applicants can request the “X” designation by presenting documentation at a BMV license branch, such as a certified, amended birth certificate attesting to a gender change, or a signed and dated physician’s statement that the applicant has permanently changed their gender.

Only five other states and the District of Columbia offer the non-binary option for ID cards. Indiana joins Minnesota as the only states in the Midwest with the option.



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