Southern Illinois lawmaker wants local schools to oppose Inclusive Curriculum Bill


EFFINGHAM — State Rep. Blaine Wilhour (R-Beecher City) said that local school superintendents should actively oppose the Inclusive Curriculum Bill working its way through the State Senate.

Wilhour made the statement in a post on the WXEF-FM website in Effingham.

“I can’t imaging that there are many parents here locally that are eager for their schools to start teaching this curriculum in the classroom,” Wilhour said in the post. “If cities like Chicago can ignore federal immigration laws, then surely school districts in Southern Illinois can ignore ridiculous mandates like this. It is time to take a stand against over-reaching, far left policies like this.”

He said he hoped local superintendents would refuse to follow the requirement. Wilhour states that local school boards should take the votes at a local level and not imposed from the state. He also called the curriculum bill “indoctrination” and an “unfunded mandate.”

The Inclusive Curriculum Bill would require public schools that use state money to buy textbooks teach course that are also inclusive of the contributions of marginalized groups to history, including LGBTQ.

Wilhour is the second Southern Illinois lawmaker this to vocally object to the bill. St. Rep. Darren Bailey (R-Louisville) said he opposed the bill because it didn’t give parents an “opt-out.”

The Inclusive Curriculum Bill passed the State House last week and is currently on its way to the Senate.



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