‘Confederate Heritage’ billboard goes up in Paducah

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PADUCAH, Ky. — Billboards promoting a “Confederate Heritage Month” is causing controversy in this city on the Ohio River, a local TV station reported on Monday.

Local 6 reported two of billboards in Paducah, one across the street from the entrance to Noble Park and the other one is between 3rd and 4th Street, on Oscar Cross Avenue.

From Local 6:

Julian Robinson with McCracken County Democrats grew up seeing Confederate flags in Paducah.

“It leaves me an idea of uncertainty around here,” Robinson said.

But this is the first confederate billboard he’s seen. He says both are offensive.

“We have some family members that were owned by slavery. Some of them was former confederates but that’s just the ugly part of history,” Robinson said. “And as history goes on we’re still gonna have ugly parts of history that we need to face and continue to strive to do better on. It really left a nasty taste in my mouth because it really shouldn’t have been up there.”

Robinson says the billboard should come down and it doesn’t represent Paducah.

“How do you stop the mentality of this and how do you stop it from spreading?” Robinson said.

Confederate Heritage Month is not nationally recognized.  Only seven former Confederate states recognize it. Kentucky was not a Confederate state.

Randy Beeler with the Sons of Confederate Veterans says the billboards were not set up to insult anyone.

“We have rights,” Beeler said. “It’s up there because we have rights. We have been beaten down with politics our voices not being heard nobody cares.”

Beeler says that’s why he put up the billboard, he wants the public to know “We’re here.”



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