Workshop on sex for Queer & Trans Survivors on May 4

(From Facebook)

ST. LOUIS — The Metro Trans Umbrella Group and Lyndon Cudlitz: Consulting, Education & Training are hosting a workshop for queer and transgender people who are survivors of violence.

From the Facebook event:

For many of us who have experienced trauma and violence in our lives, navigating sexuality may feel like a field of landmines. This workshop is designed to hold space for survivors of abuse, assault, and other violence to discuss the challenges and triumphs of our own sexual (or not so sexual) journeys. We will evaluate our own needs and desires, and seek to learn tools from each other for supporting boundaries, healing, and resilience.

Doors close at 2:15pm. No late arrives. 18+
Please note: This is not a therapeutic group, and participants will be asked to refrain from sharing detailed information of experiences of trauma.

$6-$30 Sliding scale: If you are white, cisgender, and/or able-bodied/minded, please consider the higher end of the scale to support those who are POC, trans, and/or disAbled.




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