Another adoption agency sues Michigan over LGBTQ adoption policy

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(Photo via Pixabay)

(Photo via Pixabay)

GRAND RAPIDS — Another Catholic adoption agency is suing Michigan over a policy that requires any agency with a state contract to work with LGBTQ couples.

The Detroit News reported that Alliance Defending Freedom filed the lawsuit on behalf of Catholic Charities West Michigan in the state Court of Claims on Thursday. They claim the policy violates a 2015 Michigan law and the agency’s rights to free speech, free exercise and equal protection.

Alliance Defending Freedom is a right-wing legal advocacy group that has been involved a lot of anti-LGBTQ legal issues, including a lawsuit against an Illinois school district’s transgender facilities policy and the Masterpiece Cakeshop saga.

The suit wants to stop the policy because it misinterprets state law, violates Catholic Charities’ constitutional rights “and adopts the anti-religious views and policy preferences of defendant Attorney General Dana Nessel — who has previously criticized Michigan’s statutory protections for faith-based foster care and adoptions providers as ‘a victor for the hate mongers,’” according to the newspaper.

The “hostility to religious beliefs” is what SCOTUS’s decision on Masterpiece Cakeshop depended on.

The suit comes after St. Vincent Catholic Charities sued the state for the same reason and days after Bethany Christian Services announced it would follow the policy.

The News reports that about 100 of Catholic Charities West Michigan’s 280 employees work in its foster care and adoptions programs. The agency has roughly 300 foster children it is responsible for and 170 licensed foster care homes.



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